New Incremental Serial Interface (ISI) Linear Transducers
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Incremental Output Encoders with Absolute Positioning.

TR Electronic is proud to manufacture the largest selection of rotary and linear encoders in our market. Our customers benefit from the latest design and support options available in the industry. For applications which only require simple pulse count positioning, an Incremental is the encoder for you.

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ISI Interface Provides a Familiar Incremental Output with Absolute Positioning!

 What is ISI?

ISI is an interface available on TR encoder products that provides ABSOLUTE positioning using a standard incremental interface. This interface sends positioning changes to your controller as pulses, using a standard incremental channel (A and B plus complements). The absolute position of your system is maintained within the encoder and can be extracted by triggering the Load In/Load Out functions. No batteries required!How ISI Works:

With ISI, changes in the encoder position are transferred by two incremental tracks. The 90° phase displacement between the two incremental signals indicates the direction of travel. This is typical of any incremental encoder with Quadrature output. What makes ISI different, and VERY valuable, is it also includes a Load Input and Load Output. Triggering the input will signal the encoder to stop producing pulses. Your device counter can now be reset to zero and the absolute position of the encoder is communicated through pulses, up to the encoder absolute position. This loads the absolute position into your control system. When the absolute position value is reached, it turns off the Load Output signal and the encoder returns to normal operation. ISI is a great solution for providing absolute position when only an incremental interface is available on the controller or drive.

KLS Controls and TR’s Encoder Experts can assist you with the ISI interface or any of our industry leading communication options. Please call us at 414-333-4070 or

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Date: February 9th, 2011
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