KLS Controls adds SensoPart Fork Sensors to Product Line
Written By klscontrols

We are excited to add the new Sensopart FGL series Fork Sensors. More information can be found in our Technical Resource section under Sensopart or on our Featured Products page. Out the door pricing around $100 and IP67 ratings are going to save companies hundreds of dollars for a simple error proofing solution. Please call us for additional information or to schedule a demonstration.

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Date: March 24th, 2010
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Faster rip sawing with SensoPart laser sensors
Written By klscontrols

Automatic measurement of wood planks by laser distance sensors increases the capacity of a rip saw with moveable blades.

Cutting wood planks to width is of key importance in solid wood working. So-called rip saws with moveable blades are frequently used for this purpose in saw mills and joineries, right through to the furniture industry. Their saw blades can be automatically positioned on an axis crosswise to the cutting direction. This enables several laths to be produced in the required width(s) from one raw wood plank in one rip sawing process. As manual feeding and alignment of the wood are still standard practise, the capacity of a rip saw with moveable blades remains limited, even though the operator is generally assisted by laser markings when measuring the plank.

For more article information please visit or follow this link.

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Date: March 9th, 2010
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10 Reasons To Provide Outstanding Customer Service
Written By klscontrols

Reprinted with permission from Shep Hyken, a person who has inspired me and the way I do business.

1. Amazing customer service builds credibility, trust and confidence, which can lead to customer loyalty.

2. It can help the marketing and sales budget.  It costs less to keep existing customers than it does to create new ones.

3. Delivering amazing service creates a buzz, word-of-mouth marketing and referrals, again helping the marketing budget.

4. Delivering amazing customer service can lead to existing customers buying more.

5. Customer service saves money.  When you do it right the first time, you don’t have to fix it the next time.

6. Customer service can give your company an advantage over competitors.

7. Amazing customer service can make price less relevant.

8. Customer service focused companies are usually employee focused companies, thereby creating a better place to work.

That means lower turnover, which could mean savings in hiring, training and more.

9. Customer service superstar companies are usually more profitable than the ones that aren’t.

10. Customer service helps get and keep customers.

Because without customers, you don’t have a business.

Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE

Shepard Presentations, LLC

711 Old Ballas Road, Suite 215

St. Louis, MO 63141

(314) 692-2200

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Date: February 26th, 2010
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Top 10 Questions for Weld Cell Error Proofing
Written By klscontrols

When trying to decide if Weld Cell Error Proofing is worth the time, energy and expense of investment, it is prudent to examine the following:

1.Are you trying to reduce planned and unplanned downtime?

2.Are you trying to reduce set up time?

3.Are you trying to increase productivity or avoid lost productivity?

4.Are you bunkering sensors which come into harms way?

5.Would you like to have quick change sensoring?

6.Are you guarding hoses, air lines and cables with Silicone tubing?

7.Are you wrapping valve banks and cylinders with Silicone sheeting?

8.Are you concerned about sensor related downtime?

9.What if you could break the paradigm of weld cell inefficiency?

10.What if we can guarantee your Return on Investment?

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact:

Scott Shaw

KLS Controls, LLC

office: 414-333-4070

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Date: February 15th, 2010
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TR Electronic Ships Ethernet IP Laser Distance Sensor
Written By klscontrols

High precision lasers for distance measurement. LE, LLB and LHT9 series cover wide ranges of distances. Phase shift and time of flight technology up to 200 meters.

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Date: January 28th, 2010
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